Choice of library for data collection

Hello, I’m taking part in this year GSOC  and working on Telemetry for Krita . I want to clarify the details of my proposal, talk about the data collected.

Some time ago I was planning to use google protobuf library for  data recording. This meant that I would write data to files, process the data on the client side, and send them to the server.  It was good idea, but  I found out that there are already ready-made solutions that can be adapted to the solution of my problem. My mentors(Boudewijn Rempt and Dmitry Kazakov) advised me to pay attention for kuserfeedback library.  It a  convenient solution, which will facilitate data writing, but it will complicate the process of data analysis on the client side.
What data do I want to save? I want to collect data about:
  • Tools
  • Presets
  • Asserts
  • Image_Properties
  • Actions

It does not require any personal data and anonymous. And it would be cool to collect information about  time spent in Krita, users’ systems and about versions of Krita. It is required  unique id, which  will be given to each installed version of Krita.

Schematically, the site with statistics will look like this: